Speedwatch in Ashley – Join our team of volunteers

Almost everyone in Ashley that I speak with is concerned about the speed that vehicles pass through the village. A recent speed survey showed that around 30% of vehicles significantly break the speed limit. A few cars have been recorded at more than 50mph.

Our Speedwatch team is looking for more volunteers so that we can deter drivers from speeding through Ashley. The scheme is supported by Cambridgeshire Police Force and full training is given.

We use speed detection equipment to identify vehicles that go too fast and report their details to the police. We can operate at any time within daylight hours and try to organise sessions during the busiest times – that way having the biggest impact. We work in teams of 3 so it also tends to be a pleasant social time as we get to know other people in the village and catch up on the village news.

To find out more please email me on our Speedwatch email address, csw.ashley@yahoo.co.uk , or call me on 01638 730459.

Sarah Howell