The Cantilena Singers

SATURDAY 19TH MARCH at 7.30 pm

St. Mary’s Church, Church Lane, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 0HP

The Cantilena Singers

Lux aeterna: Renaissance and Romantics

An evening of unaccompanied choral music, sacred and secular, on the theme of eternal light, from the Renaissance to the Romantics, and beyond.

Proceeds to the Church

Director Daniel Spreadbury

Tickets £10 (free admission for under 18s)
Available from Janet Ramsay-Helie Phone: 01638 603489
Email: or on the door

Does your hedge pass the test?

The Council is aware that a number of hedges bordering public footpaths in Ashley are overgrown and encroach public footpaths. The test of whether or not the hedge is overgrown is whether a member of the public with a wheelchair or push chair would have to step onto the road or verge to avoid contact with the hedge. In such cases, residents are asked to trim back their hedges on the grounds of public safety. In cases where residents are unable or unwilling to carry our this work, the Parish Council can arrange for it to be undertaken on their behalf in conjunction with the Highways Department. However, in the event, the cost of carrying out this work would be chargeable directly to the householder.


Whilst there is no law against bonfires, the fact is that the law expects due consideration to be given to neighbours. The burning of garden and other waste produces smoke, especially if damp and smouldering. Burning plastic, rubber or painted materials creates an unpleasant smell and also produces a range of poisonous compounds. Smoke, smuts and smell from bonfires can prevent neighbours from enjoying their gardens, opening windows or hanging out washing. The Environmental Health Department (EHD) at ECDC is responsible about nuisance caused by garden fires. Further complaints about frequent and noxious smelling fires will be passed to EHD for their further investigation.

Parking along Church Street

The Parish Council is currently looking at ways to improve road safety for both motorists and pedestrians in Church Street, between Mill Road and the junction with Newmarket Road, and is concerned about the hazard to traffic when cars are parked behind the pavement build out, (near the Crown pub) which reduces the width of the road to a single lane shared by traffic from both directions.

The Council has been advised that safety at this junction might be improved if parking was to be restricted between the “build out” and Mill Road. However in considering this matter the Council is keen to hear the views of Church Street residents and others that may be affected if such a scheme were to be introduced.

If you have views on parking and what might be done to improve road safety at this junction, please come to the next Parish Council meeting at the Ashley Pavilion on Monday 12th October at 7.30pm and have your say.

If you would prefer to express your views in writing please forward these to Chris Lewis (Parish Clerk), 2 Silhalls Close, Ashley or via e-mail to before 12th October.

Annual Hedge Cutting and Tree Works

These works, centered on the recreation ground, closed churchyard and part of Footpath no 2 were completed at the end of October. The Council has since acknowledged concerns about the width of the hedge between the recreation ground car park and the main B1063 road, and agreed provision for a reduction would be included in next year’s contract.

Public Transport

The County Council’s review group for the south Newmarket villages, Area J, met on 1st October to review proposals to revise the existing subsidised routes. Proposed changes to service 47 envisage an earlier start time, (7.17) and a later return service from Newmarket (18.05), the purpose being to link eith bus services to and from Cambridge. Services no. 901 and no. 902 could be withdraen and replaced with a single service (Mon – sat excluding Weds) ofering two jouneys to Newmarket at 9.52 and 11.17 with only one return jouney at 12.10!

The Counci has concluded that the proposed cuts would significantly sidadvantage those residents without cars who had no alternative but to use publuc transport. These concerns have since been reported to the County Council’s Review Team.


Sadly, the Christmas tree donated to the parish at the beginning of the year and planted near the Wavier Pond, did not survive the summer and has since been removed. The council has also arranged for the removal of a dead alder tree. The resulting empty space is soon to be filled by moving a young Rowan tree from its present position on the Chapel Row side. The Council was advised that the new position would benefit the Rowan in the longer term and would also give the area a more balanced look.

Road Safety

The County Council’s decision on our bid for funds to improve the traffic calming scheme in the High Street is expected early in the new year. If the bid is successful the most likely outcome would be a “build out” from the kerb or some kind of speed cushion, to be sited close to the junction with Silhalls Close.

Parish Works Program

The following minor maintenance works should be undertaken during the summer: clearing moss from the roof of the bus shelter and treating woodwork; replacing the missing slat from the bench on Silhalls Close Green; repainting the railings at the side of the Wavior Pond.

Capacity to fund other more expensive works is to be considered once the annual ROSPA safety report on the play area is received in early May. Works services under consideration comprise: renewal of path from High Street to The Pavilion; replace rotten posts at the Pavilion Car Park; annual hedging and pruning at the recreation ground; annual hedging trimback at Ickneield Way Footpath (part); pollarding of lime trees in the closed churchyard.