The Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities was implemented on 1st April 2015. The code applies to all councils with an annual turnover not exceeding £25,000 and is therefore applicable to Ashley Parish Council. Under the Code the Parish Council is required to publish the following information on-line:- (See links below)

  • All items of expenditure above £100.00
  • End of Year accounts
  • A copy of the bank reconciliation
  • An explanation of significant variances in the statement of accounts for the relevant year in comparison with the previous year
  • A copy of the Annual Governance Statement prepared in connection with the annual audit
  • A copy of the internal audit report
  • A list of Councillor responsibilities (click here)
  • A copy of the Council’s asset register
  • Agendas and minutes of meetings (click here)

Please find a list of the documents below. To view the item simply click the title and it will appear in a new tab/window.

Accounting statements 2015/16

The list also includes:-