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A Question for Ashley?

Fairhaven Estates have this year gained planning permission for a new stud in Ashley. Against the wishes of your Parish Council, they have now applied for planning permission for 30 new homes in the village centre outside the agreed development zone on a greenfield site and in the Conservation Area.

How might this affect you and should you be concerned?

1. Local schools are oversubscribed, should you have pre-school children or are planning to start a family they may not get a place at your local school

2. Ashely has 245 households do we want a significant new development in the village.

3. The site off Church Street will mean the graveyard becomes surrounded by new houses, its’ peaceful rural outlook lost forever

4. Construction traffic of all shapes and sizes struggling through the village creating noise, congestion, safety concerns and inconvenience for over 18 months.

5. The threat of yellow lines and parking restrictions being introduced to ease congestion and safety concerns caused by this new development. Where will existing residents find parking?

6. Road safety is a real concern with a hazardous junction for the new site on to Church Street

7. The historic heritage and peacefulness of our village eroded by inappropriate development.

8. Increased risk of flooding on Mill Road and Newmarket Road from built up area surface run off.

We all recognise the need for new housing both locally and nationally especially affordable housing but your Parish Council believes for the reasons listed above that this development comes with too many compromises for the people currently living in the Village so would like to fight this on your behalf.

Public opinion on planning can make a real difference as we know from previous experience in Ashley. We urgently need both your opinion and your help in this matter so we are holding a meeting to explain in more detail the possible consequences of this development in the Pavilion on Monday 10th of April at 7.00pm.

Please come along and express your opinion we value all comments both against or in favour of this new development.

t: 01638 730459

Could you be Special?

Do you want to do something special for yourself, your community and your employer?

Do you want to gain invaluable experience and training to achieve your personal or professional goals?

Why not join the Special Constabulary and find out just how much you are capable of?

Your employer may even give you time off to volunteer under the employer supported policing scheme.

What do Specials do?

As a Special Constable you will work with us to help keep the people within your community safe, ensuring that your community, and the wider Cambridgeshire area, is a place that people feel proud to call home. In return we will provide you with invaluable experience and training to achieve your personal or professional goals.

Special Constables provide vital support to a whole range of policing activities and have the same powers and equipment as regular police officers.

Have you got what it takes?

The Special Constabulary welcomes applications from people from all walks of life and backgrounds. The kind of people we need have good life skills and experience, plus strong community awareness.

How to apply

For more information about becoming a Special, or to apply, visit or email

Special Constable Kayleigh Minor’s story

“I work alongside a regular officer on every shift. I go to every incident with them no matter whether it be a domestic, a collision or a call to an animal in the road.

“I love the feeling at the end of a shift knowing that I have made a difference to someone’s life or I have helped take someone who isn’t so nice off the streets. I also love the adrenaline of the job and having to think on my feet.

“I highly recommend volunteering as a Special. It gives you an insight into the police force and the role of an officer but it also gives you the ability to deal with different situations and to learn new skills.

“If you have some spare time and are wondering what to do with it I would absolutely recommend joining the Specials.”

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