Does your hedge pass the test?

The Council is aware that a number of hedges bordering public footpaths in Ashley are overgrown and encroach public footpaths. The test of whether or not the hedge is overgrown is whether a member of the public with a wheelchair or push chair would have to step onto the road or verge to avoid contact with the hedge. In such cases, residents are asked to trim back their hedges on the grounds of public safety. In cases where residents are unable or unwilling to carry our this work, the Parish Council can arrange for it to be undertaken on their behalf in conjunction with the Highways Department. However, in the event, the cost of carrying out this work would be chargeable directly to the householder.


Whilst there is no law against bonfires, the fact is that the law expects due consideration to be given to neighbours. The burning of garden and other waste produces smoke, especially if damp and smouldering. Burning plastic, rubber or painted materials creates an unpleasant smell and also produces a range of poisonous compounds. Smoke, smuts and smell from bonfires can prevent neighbours from enjoying their gardens, opening windows or hanging out washing. The Environmental Health Department (EHD) at ECDC is responsible about nuisance caused by garden fires. Further complaints about frequent and noxious smelling fires will be passed to EHD for their further investigation.