Annual Hedge Cutting and Tree Works

These works, centered on the recreation ground, closed churchyard and part of Footpath no 2 were completed at the end of October. The Council has since acknowledged concerns about the width of the hedge between the recreation ground car park and the main B1063 road, and agreed provision for a reduction would be included in next year’s contract.

Public Transport

The County Council’s review group for the south Newmarket villages, Area J, met on 1st October to review proposals to revise the existing subsidised routes. Proposed changes to service 47 envisage an earlier start time, (7.17) and a later return service from Newmarket (18.05), the purpose being to link eith bus services to and from Cambridge. Services no. 901 and no. 902 could be withdraen and replaced with a single service (Mon – sat excluding Weds) ofering two jouneys to Newmarket at 9.52 and 11.17 with only one return jouney at 12.10!

The Counci has concluded that the proposed cuts would significantly sidadvantage those residents without cars who had no alternative but to use publuc transport. These concerns have since been reported to the County Council’s Review Team.


Sadly, the Christmas tree donated to the parish at the beginning of the year and planted near the Wavier Pond, did not survive the summer and has since been removed. The council has also arranged for the removal of a dead alder tree. The resulting empty space is soon to be filled by moving a young Rowan tree from its present position on the Chapel Row side. The Council was advised that the new position would benefit the Rowan in the longer term and would also give the area a more balanced look.

Road Safety

The County Council’s decision on our bid for funds to improve the traffic calming scheme in the High Street is expected early in the new year. If the bid is successful the most likely outcome would be a “build out” from the kerb or some kind of speed cushion, to be sited close to the junction with Silhalls Close.