Public Transport

The Parish Council is assisting the County Council in a public consultation exercise linked to the Cambridgeshire Future Transport (CFT) initiative, which aims to come up with innovative solutions to meet the County’s future transport needs. As part of this initiative the County is reviewing all subsidised bus services across the county to assess whether continued public subsidy is justified. The review will include bus services 47, 901 and 902 which serve Ashley residents. Whilst it might be possible to re-design some bus services to attract a greater number of passengers. service may also be cut where there is no evidence of demand.

In Ashley, questionnaires would have been distributed on a house to house basis as it was felt many residents may have a view, irrespective of whether or not they use the buses at present. The County is hoping to find out more about those of you who might use the services if the timings or routes were more convenient.

Road Safety

A survey carried out by Cambridgeshire County Council Highways Dept had revealed that too few people would use a pedestrian crossing near the junction with Silverley Way. In view of this any crossing was unlikely to be wholly safe as drivers would not anticipate people crossing thereby increasing the likelihood of accidents. However, an alternative solution had been put forward for the Council’s consideration which would act as a traffic calming measure and also help vulnerable pedestrians to cross the road in safety.